D197 Musang King Durian

ii. 100% Naturally Ripen on Tree!
iii. Origin: Malaysia
iv. Each fruit is medium to large and weighs 1.5 to 2.5kg, roundish in shape. The skin is yellowish light green in color. The aril is thick and half of it is small seed. Each locule contains 1 to 3 pulp units, medium to large in size. It is yellow orange in color with a fine texture, dry and is not too sweet and nutty.

D24 Durian

i. 100% Ripen on Tree!
ii. Origin: Malaysia
iii. Each fruit is small to medium and weights 1.0 to 1.8kg with a round to oval shape. The skin is thick and light green in color. Each locule contains 3 to 4 pulp units arranged in sigle rows. The aril is thick, light yellow in color, firm with fine texture and dry. It is sweet and nutty with a slight bitter taste.

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